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          Dongguan Dingfeng New Building Material Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of green energy-saving building materials products. The company has advanced production equipment, first-class production and technical personnel. Specializing in the production of various color steel plate, manual plate, glass magnesium sandwich color steel plate, rock wool color steel plate, aluminum honeycomb color steel plate, paper honeycomb color steel plate, foam sandwich color steel plate, polyurethane color steel plate, color steel corrugated board and other metal Surface (stainless steel, galvanized sheet, color board, etc.) sandwich panels; purification of aluminum, central air-conditioning engineering, floor engineering, dust-free clean room supporting materials and related projects. Now all kinds of sandwich panels have been successfully used in the pharmaceutical, food, electronics, medical, laboratory and other industries clean projects, the product is a multi-functional new building materials, with insulation, lightweight, waterproof, fire and other properties.
                 Since its inception, the company has always adhered to the path of relying on the market, surviving on quality, seeking benefits from management, and developing scientific and technological innovation based on science and technology. Strict implementation of national standards and industry-related standards, the construction of product quality assurance system as a key, quality awareness in-depth implementation of each link, with high quality, good reputation, and improve after-sales service has won numerous domestic and foreign customers affirmed . Willing to join hands with you to create a better tomorrow with sincere enthusiasm and strong strength!